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me falling off some crates, i think Welcome to Buttys Unicycle page
Thanks for visiting the unicycling web page. this is probably the worlds worst unicycle page so, Enjoy your stay!


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  • i dont have any


Who Else Unicycles

well I unicycle with ailck and manj but i know plenty of others like gary, amanda, trev, bishop, loose, rodger(unicycle.com), rob, phill, matt, but there is loads of other people out there on the unicyclist.com forums there is about 422 unicyclists with about 1431 unicycles. go and talk to them on the unicyclist.com forums http://www.unicyclist.com

Me doing a Still Stand

Unicycle Talk

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Last Season's Statistics
Rides: way to many
Away: a couple of rides
Uni-Meats: the BMW 2005 and the carnival in prince town

goin to swum